We’ve been getting the same question over and over recently: Will the new tax bill help or harm me? I’m here to answer that today.

Here’s the short answer, setting politics aside. When you pay less money to the government, it’s a better thing for you and your community. I think Dave Ramsey said it best when he said, “Who would be better at handling money for the good of society? Individuals or the government? Companies or the government?”

“More money in your pocket is always the better option.”

You don’t need to be an economist to understand that the government is just not efficient. It’s common sense. If you have more money, you’ll spend it. The money you spend will then go to pay workers more. Money isn’t finite.

It’s just like Dave said, “If I use my candle to light your candle, now we have two candles lit and more light for everyone.” The new tax bill does exactly this. Any time that happens, it’s good for everyone and our economy as a whole.

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