Helping people buy and sell homes is a passion of ours. Do you have any friends or neighbors who need our help? If you picked up the phone and called us, you may be surprised at all the good that can happen.  

It reminds us of a story we want to share about a client of ours named Allison, whose home we recently helped sell. 

Allison’s husband Steve suffered a heart attack and, unfortunately, passed away, which left her in a complicated and stressful situation. We helped Allison and Steve purchase their home years earlier, and our first meeting with Allison was all about support and encouragement. We wanted her to know that we were here for her and that she wasn’t alone. 

It seems like it was just yesterday that Laura, Allison’s best friend, called us and asked us to check in on Allison after Steve’s funeral. Laura suspected that Allison was beside herself wondering how she could take care of that big house all by herself. It wasn’t an easy call, but Allisons seemed to welcome our concern, and she asked us to visit. 

“Who’s the next person you’ll notice that could use some help buying or selling a home?”

As we were getting ready to leave after that first visit, she asked if we could come back and discuss the house with her. She was quite certain that she needed to sell it, and she asked us to thank Laura for suggesting the call. 

We worked with Allison to get her home appraised and priced to sell. The stress of showing the home was difficult, but we worked past that. She felt that moving on was very important. In three weeks, we had received multiple offers for the home and got it under contract. 

She made a great decision when purchasing her new home, too. It was located only a few blocks away—still very close to all her friends and her church. In just three months, she was able to sell her old house, move into her new one, and settle into her new life. 

Allison’s story began with a friend noticing that she was in need and picking up the phone. Who’s the next person you’ll notice that could use some help buying or selling a home? When the time comes, give us a call. It could change their life.