We’re here today to wish you a fabulous summer! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this summer just as much as we have.  

This weather reminds me of the beach, and the beach reminds me of Joe and Sharon—I think it was just about this time last year when Sharon called and asked us to come over and talk about their possible plans to sell their home. She seemed really excited and anxious to talk. At that time, her kids had left for school a year before, and they had decided that their house in Germantown was just too big for the two of them.

As we listened to them share their thoughts, I remember Joe saying that the kids didn’t come home as often, and Sharon was concerned that even though they’d built the house for the family, it just didn’t seem the same.

During the conversation, they showed us a picture of them at the beach with both of their children and some friends. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. 

Then it hit us like a ton of bricks: They were talking about moving to the beach to give their kids a reason to come home!

“With all those pieces in place, we went ahead and closed on both new homes just 20 days from the close of the Germantown home.”

But to us, the answer wasn’t that simple. They had so many close friends here in Memphis, and it was exciting to watch their reaction as we suggested that they sell their big house and buy two new houses. Why not replace their current home with a house at the beach as well as a smaller home in Memphis?

After that, we spent an exciting two weeks studying the numbers and introducing Joe and Sharon to a Realtor at the beach. We were all working together and, boy, it looked good!

The decision was ultimately made to sell their big house in Germantown. We got a great appraisal and did a few minor repairs on top of some strategic staging. Not long after, we had the house under contract within five weeks. Sharon was already shopping for furniture for their beach house; she’d even visited the home a couple of times. She was less sure, however, about the smaller home here in Memphis.

Joe took us out to the 14th tee on the golf course, pointed to a garden home, and said, “Boy, this fits my game just fine.” The house needed a little work, but it had a great price, and it really made the two-house plan work like magic.

With all those pieces in place, we went ahead and closed on both new homes just 20 days from the close of the Germantown home. We were all a little surprised at how well it came together! We believe that what you focus on will expand and make dreams come true.

Do you or anyone you know need help making your own real estate dreams come true? Don’t keep us a secret! You’re welcome to reach out to the Peterson Team anytime.