This week’s question comes from first-time home sellers Jim and Ashley, who asked, “We’re ready to sell our home and take the equity to buy into a better neighborhood. What are the most important mistakes to avoid?”

1. Not working with the most competent agent that you can. You need to work with an agent who really cares about what you’re doing and knows how to make it happen.

2. Overpricing your home. The more days your home spends on the market, the less money you’ll get for it. Knowing who will buy your property and why, as well as pricing it without unnecessary negotiating room, will draw the right buyer—typically, more than one.

“You need to work with an agent who really cares about what you’re doing.”

3. Not addressing the elephant in the room. What I mean by that is if the carpet needs to be replaced or the wallpaper needs to come down, answer those objections up front. Make certain that the buyer prospect and their agent know that you are aware of the objection and what it would cost to repair or replace it. That will bring the buyer’s reality and the actual reality to a negotiable place, providing a clear path for the buyer to think past the objection.

Until we can get the buyer placing furniture in your house, we haven’t done anything to motivate an offer. More than 80% of our yearly business comes from repeat and past clients. We care enough to understand.

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