When you’re lying in bed at night, do you ever hearing a mysterious scratching sound that seems to be coming from your attic?

Horror movies would like you to think that the source of the noise is a ghost or some other paranormal entity. In reality, it could be something as benign as a squirrel that’s found its way into your attic.

Squirrels can feel the heat coming from the attic through the cracks and crevices around the house. That’s how they can locate the best place to begin chewing their way inside.

“Squirrels also hate strobe lights, clicking noises, and coarse red pepper.”

Most builders don’t bring the roof decking all the way down to the wall of the house, and they cover the opening with just the shingles to the gutter. From the gutter, the squirrel can work its way underneath the shingles and find its way to the softened area around the attic.

Traps are an effective method of getting rid of them, but squirrels also hate strobe lights, clicking noises, and coarse red pepper.

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